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____you grow your business and get your life back.

As a personal assistant agency in Berlin, we support busy entrepreneurs, managing directors, founders of new businesses, solopreneurs, freelancers and creative people. Starting a business requires a considerable amount of energy and time. Concentrate on managing your company, let us take care of the administrative tasks. If you notice that you are not moving forward and you are not reaching your goals because your everyday routine tasks take up your time, it may be time to hire a personal assistant. 

Achieve greater efficiency, better performance and concentration by outsourcing day-to-day tasks to your assistant. Fast-track your to-do list with us. The time you save by delegating non-core administrative work can then be used for result-oriented work, which will fuel the growth of your business.


Less stress, more freedom.  

We'll take care of your daily hassles.

  • Scheduling

  • Meeting management

  • Correspondence (multilingual)

  • Customer support 

  • Database maintenance

  • Translations, transcriptions

  • Support in finding service providers 

  • Support in recruiting employees, e.g. in the service area

Some of the many advantages: 

  • Very well trained assistants, with different backgrounds. We are all service providers with passion, communicate in 6 languages, have international work experience and stand for 100% reliability.

  • Our wide range of expertise makes us your most versatile “employee” 

  • Flexible short-term assignment possible, without training period

  • Transparent costs, we only charge for what we have done.

  • You save money. No costs for workplace or material, paid training or fringe benefits

  • You concentrate on your core tasks, we do the rest. This way you can make even more money, you can double your output by having us in your corner. 

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Free up resources by delegating everyday tasks. We get them done reliably, in person, on site.

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