Why wait in line?

____we run errands and take care of it

When you spend your day at work, the last thing you want to do in your spare time is running  domestic errands. We are the specialist for special and short term errands, official business errands, parcel services, laundry pick-ups, and much more. Just send us your to-do list and let us surprise you with what we can do for you in a short time.  According to our motto: 

Let's HANTZSCH it! 


Queuing sucks. 

We'll take care of your paperwork.

Going to the authorities can cost a lot of time and nerves. German bureaucracy is well known for this. 

Anyone who gets an appointment with the authorities still has to have a lot of patience. Unfavourable opening hours, waiting times of 2 hours are the rule, non-english speaking administrative staff, is not the exception.

In Berlin you can make an appointment online for most authorities, but they are often booked out months in advance. Therefore, if you can not make your appointment yourself, you can hire us to do so.  A personal appearance is often not necessary. Having someone at your side that speaks the tongue, is worthwhile. 

We pick up the documents at your office or home. We check these documents for completeness, translate and complete them with you and correct any errors. Incomplete documents often mean that you have to go to the authorities again. This costs valuable time.

We will take over the administrative work for you and save you the trouble: 

  • ​Vehicle registration

  • Driving licence registration

  • Official certification

  • Certificate of conduct

  • Pick up your identity card

  • Registration certificate (Meldebescheinigung, immigration authority)

  • Support with applying for “Red Card” certification for safety and sanitation

  • Applying for a parking permit

  • Register/ change/ deregister business

  • Expat services


We also take care of your car. 

Car services

The registration of your vehicle can cost a lot of nerves. Finding the right garage for your car servicing can also be time consuming. Comparing car insurance policies is just as tedious as finding a garage before your winter holiday that will change your tyres at short notice. 

Why wait for hours in the workshop, we take over for you. 

  • Car registration

  • Car service and repair

  • TÜV

  • Tyre change

  • Register a vehicle

  • Deregister a vehicle 


We can take care of your personal errands. 

Running Errands and making appointments

Pass those annoying, time consuming tasks to us and free up your precious time for things that make you happy! As part of our personal errand services, we can tick off your shopping list, schedule your appointments, take care of your dry cleaning, do the grocery shopping for you, returning everything to your home and putting it neatly away. 

We save you time and nerves with many things of everyday life. 

  • Drop off/pick up official documents to/from the government authorities

  • Organize a car rental service

  • Sign up for or cancel a magazine subscription

  • Book a doctor's appointment

  • Dry cleaning drop off/pick up

  • Ticket drop off/pick up

  • Pick up a medication order from a pharmacy

  • Flower delivery

  • Mail and parcel service

  • Handle service complaints and goods returns

  • Grocery shopping

  • Selling items at online marketplaces

...      and much more


Instead of waiting long hours in the post office. 

We will pick up your package for you. 

Who hasn't been there, waiting for an urgent parcel and finding a card in your mailbox stating unsuccessful delivery attempt. Queuing in line at the postal office after work, will not make you happy.  Since parcels are only kept for 7 days at the post office before they are sent back to the sender, you have to act quickly. If you don't have the time, you can ask us to pick them up. 


We also offer assistance with customs formalities. 

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