5 must-have productivity apps

Aktualisiert: 22. Juni 2020

What does your workday look like? Are you one of those people who needs more hours? Sometimes the problem is not what we are working on, but how we work. Especially as an entrepreneur, it makes sense to look at your productivity and tweak your processes so things flow a bit faster. Improving your productivity, managing your time better, and enabling faster workflows are things that will help you make your workday better. To make this step easier we’ve put together a list with our top 5 productivity apps.

All these apps offer a free basic version and some add ons and premium versions. Find out yourself what works for you and your team.


If you are working on different projects and easily lose track of how much you spend on something toggl is your tool. With toggl you can record your time and it creates reports on your tracked time. If you are working in a team you can also easily get an overview of everyone else’s tracked time. Especially useful if different people are working on the same project for a client.


Ever missed a todo because you forgot to write it down? Well, this won’t happen anymore with todoist. Todoist is a simple tool for managing all your daily tasks. You can flag, sort and assign your tasks and collect points by every ticked task – to make to dos a bit more fun ;)


When working on projects Trello will help you keep an eye on the bigger picture and track the progress of your project. It’s a simple and free project management tool that allows you and your team to work together. Projects are sorted by lists and cards and can be tagged and commented on.


What is the most important thing when working in teams? Communication! Emails are great, but not very fast. Make your life a little easier with Slack. Slack is a tool that allows fast and convenient communication by creating channels for projects and task forces. It also has an integration of G Suite hence easy you can easily file shares.


Especially now with COVID-19 many of us have started to have video calls more regularly. But online meetings don’t need to be full of conversations such as “Can you hear me?” - “Sorry, your mic isn’t on” and so on. With Zoom, you can create online meetings, record, and share these meetings. Zoom allows you to stay in touch with your colleagues easily and without too much technical struggle.

Last but not least we want to say: time management and being productive is great, but if you really want to buy yourself time, you'll have to delegate tasks! Get in touch with us if there's something we can help you out with. Don't know what we can do for you? Learn more about our services.

These are our five apps to make work life a little easier and more productive. Say goodbye to random sheets filled with project overviews and ideas, and bye to notebooks with forgotten tasks.

Any must-have apps for productivity missing in your opinion? Share them with us in the comments!

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