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Do you do that? What services do we actually offer....

You ask. We answer. We often get the the question on which services we offer. And if, tasks that are not listed can be delegated. Sure, you can. The listed services only reflect our special fields and are only listed as examples. You can contact us with any kind of enquiry - we will do our best to accomplish the task in a timely manner.

This «ABC» is part of a series on services we offer & the value we add to your life. Let us know, which service you want to know more about. 

Z » Zeitgeist - is the spirit of novelties and innovations. We at HANTZSCH value innovations and try to keep track of new technologies to scale up our work.

However, most important is the person behind a task. We keep a strong personal relationship with our clients, build on trust and confidence in our work.  

Y » YOUR one-stop-shop for all orders in Berlin. You can #Outsource your private to-do-list and we take care of it. 

So if you notice that you stay put and you don’t move forward your goals, because your everyday routine tasks take up your time, it may be time to hire a personal assistant. 

Achieve greater efficiency, better performance, focus by outsourcing everyday tasks to your #berlinassistant

X » Cross off your to-do-list. There are always time consuming tasks, which must get done but you struggle to find the necessary time in your schedule, or you are not physically in Berlin. Your personal assistant will take care of it.

We organize urgent pick-ups from a store, dry cleaning drop-offs, grocery shopping. You are busy, we take your calls, organise your schedule, deal with your property management company. You name it, we support you. 

W » Wedding. Your day, we make it happen. -`♡ ´- 

We won’t call us a typical wedding planner, but we take care of the time-consuming parts of planning your wedding.

❥We are your problem solver, time saver, and a single point of contact, to help you through anything that comes up on your wedding to-do list. 

❥From finding the suppliers that suit your needs to on the day management, we are there throughout your entire journey coordinating your wedding day. 

❥We do your travel planning, find hotels for your entourage, do your gift-sourcing and so on.

❥So you can fully enjoy your special day. ❥

W » Winter holiday. And if you haven’t booked your winter holiday, yet we know where you find the best snow, best ski resorts and Après ski parties.

We will take care of all the planning and the bookings for your trip, as well as be your contact person during the course of your travel.


❥❥ Valentine’s Day is soon approaching. Maybe you are already well organised. Or, maybe work has gotten the best of you lately and you’ve been way too busy to even think about Valentine’s Day, let alone prepare anything! We can take care of a hassle-free romantic Valentines day. We can source customised gifts, book a getaway trip or first class restaurant.  -`♡ ´-

U » Urgent. You have tasks that need immediate attention but you don’t have the capacity to tend to those tasks. We're on site in Berlin. We are locals. That way can we react flexibly and fulfil your tasks competently in an efficient manner.

Determine your priorities and outsource those tasks to us. Hand over your to-do list and allow us to spare you some time during your busy day so you can be more productive.

Have you ever felt like you’re running out of time? Literally feel the time just ticking away and you cannot catch it!

Regain your composure, take a step back and breathe. No one is going to demand more of you, than what you demand of yourself. If you really feel like you cannot handle it, maybe its time to hire help. Let us know what you need.

U » Umzug. The German word for household move, relocation. Wether its moving across countries, overseas, within Germany or in Berlin, we help you move with ease. We prepare your moving schedule, find you a reputable and trustworthy moving company, forward your mail, set up cable and internet at your new home and assisting you in registering your new place (Meldebescheinigung). We make you feel home. 

T » Travel. Or Training. We support you. Wether we take care of your travel arrangements, keeping you stress-free on the road, or finding you the personal trainer on site. We can plan your trips, book your hotels, restaurants and rent your cars. You just tell us when and where you want to go, and we will take care of all the planning and the bookings for your trip, as well as be your contact person during the course of your travel. 

And if you are looking for a personal trainer, lifestyle coach, gyms and day spas in Berlin, we set you up. Our colleague Vera, a sports scientist, personal trainer will be your point of contact. 

S » Start-Up. As personal assistant agency in Berlin, we support busy entrepreneurs, managing directors, start-ups, families and private individuals in Berlin.

Running a startup requires a substantial amount of energy and time.

Focus on running your business, let us take care of administrative tasks. 

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