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Reliability, flexibility and commitment - this is the basis for our success and the satisfaction of our clients.

HANTZSCH Personal Assistant is a project close to Robert's heart for which he has quit his long-term secure job. And a service that Robert stands behind, with his name. 


We are an experienced team that does not shy away from challenges and always supports each other. True to the motto - learning and winning together, we always move ourselves and our customers forward. 

We're growing and always looking for new team members - check out our Career page, and maybe we'll soon get to know each other personally. 

Robert Hantzsch 


Owner and namesake of HANTZSCH Personal Assistant. A passionate service provider for 16 years. 5-star hotel business, airport VIP service, concierge service. Less of a talker, more of a doer. He gets a job - he gets it done. Reliable. Flexible. Discreet.

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Vera Junkers

Personal Assistant

Sports scientist, personal trainer and born organizational talent. Always in a good mood. Best friends with Google & Co. Always finds exactly whats she's looking for. Active. Refreshing. Motivated. 

key skills

 ✔️ Travel planning

 ✔️ Scheduling & coordination

 ✔️  research & running errands

 ✔️  Personal Trainer, Health Coach

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Anne-Kathrin Hauschild 

Marketing Manager 

International tourism studies with stops in Wellington, London, Frankfurt in top advertising agencies. Today Anne supports HANTZSCH as Marketing Queen. Creative. Motivated. Goal-oriented.

key skills

 ✔️ Marketing, Online Marketing

 ✔️ Social Media support

 ✔️  Business organisation 

 ✔️  Presentations

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Nadezhda Hantzsch

Personal Assistant, Accounting 

Graduate economist with many years of experience in logistics and product management. She loves her numbers and is responsible for the agency's controlling and accounting. Gifted for languages she speaks Russian, English and German. Affinity for numbers. Motivated. Efficient. 

key skills

✔️ Office management

✔️ Running errands

✔️ Shopping 

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