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HANTZSCH Personal Assistant was founded in 2018 by Robert Hantzsch, who has been active in the service sector for over 16 years. Be it at the 5-star hotel, the airports VIP service or as an independent concierge & assistant. 

During this time he constantly met people who mostly had to face three kinds of challenges. First and foremost, they had little spare time. Secondly, they didn't live in Berlin but needed someone on sight to take care of certain things. Thirdly, they didn't speak German and didn't understand the German authorities. So Robert started the idea of a personal assistant agency to solve these three problems.

As sole proprietor, it is difficult to scale a company. In order to always respond to the growing customer inquiries promptly,  efficiently and with appropriate quality, Robert build up a successful team of employees, freelancers and partners. 

Our mission: we boost your productivity by running your everyday errands so you can focus on the really important things.

We love to organize. We love to run errands. We are the boost for your personal to-do list. 

Reliability, flexibility and dedication - it's the basis for our success and the satisfaction of our customers.

Our services are designed in such a way that the positive effects are immediately noticeable for you. 

What makes us unique: we are on site,  in Berlin.  Our services are for everybody. Our services are affordable.  

You only pay when you delegate a task to us. We only charge for what we have actually organised or completed. 

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We are on site and support you directly from the heart of Berlin.

Free up resources by delegating everyday tasks. We get them done reliably, in person, on site.

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